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— Spoil Me —
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My time with you is a gift in and of itself, and I treasure every second in your presence. When we’re together I am beyond content; however, if you desire to spoil me I will never turn down a treat of any kind.

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The Sybarite

From plants to parachutes, my interests run the gamut. Whether you decide to aide me in my procurement of the perfect pair of homemade socks, or gift me a day at the spa, all things are appreciated.

Above and Beyond: Wishlistr

Beauty and Body: Sephora

Building Blocks: LEGO Shop

Flying High: Skydiving

Healing Waters: Aire Ancient Baths

High-end Hedonism: Net-a-Porter

Kitchen Goddess: Amazon

Unique Treasures: Etsy

Urban Jungle: Amazon / The Sill

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The Philanthropist

The size of your wallet (and perhaps the size of other things) will always take a backseat to the size of your heart. All cheesiness aside, as nice as a $5,000 jacket might be, there are more important things that deserve your generosity.

Ali Forney Center

Big Cat Rescue

Center for Reproductive Rights

Climate Reality

Doctors Without Borders


International Planned Parenthood

National Women’s Law Center

Pure Earth

Wildlife Conservation Society