Come Away With Me



Come Away With Me


A night out on the town. An evening of sweet cocktails and food that tantalizes the palate. An afternoon of passion hidden behind the door of a glamorous hotel. Whatever your heart desires. I am yours. 

Come To Me:

I currently don't have a permanent in-call location. Hopefully that will soon change. If you need me to secure a hotel reservation for you for privacy reasons I'm more than willing. I can book a hotel in a neighborhood of your choice and the cost of the hotel room will be added to the donation. If you do desire me to provide a hotel for you there will be a minimum of two hours. 

Go To You :

 Let me come to you. While I don't consider myself to be overly high maintenance, I do prefer higher end establishments for our rendezvous. I can join you anywhere in the city. For those of you who wish me to visit you at your private residence, there may be a slightly more in depth screening process.  


Let's Go Outside:

If our time together is 3+ hours it must include some sort of activity. Anything from a day at the museum to a romantic dinner, we'll definitely have a divine time. If you need some ideas I'd be more than glad to suggest something we'll both enjoy. 



Our Time


An Introductory Interlude (1 hour)                       $700

A Divine Duet (2 hours)                                      $1,000

A Sweet Serenade (3 hours)                              $1,300

A Wonderful Waltz (6 hours)                            $2,300

A Sultry Sonata (8 hours)                                  $2,800

Nocturne (Overnight)                                         $3,500

Magnum Opus (24 hours)                                 $4,000


Treat Me.


What girl doesn't like gifts? If you feel like bringing me a little something extra you'll hear no complaints from me. Here are a few suggestions to spark the imagination. 

Food. I LOVE to eat and cook. Any store that sells cookware is alright by me. Whether it's Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, or a small boutique, those gift cards will be put to good use in my kitchen. Also note that I don't really drink, but I love chocolates from Vosges. They're my favorite!

Body. One of my absolute favorite stores to shop at is Sephora. I just love to splurge and make myself feel beautiful. I also love visits to spas, in particular Aire Ancient Baths. Nothings beats a deep tissue massage and a soak in a hot tub. 

Clothing. As you might have noticed, I have big boobs. They have been a blessing and a curse. It makes clothing and lingerie shopping a bit tricky. If you'd love to put me in a new outfit it's better to stick with gift certificates. I enjoy shopping at Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you want we can make a day of it and go shopping together!